Summit Champions

Proven sales techniques. Effective sales training and coaching.

With over 30 years of thought leadership and proven sales techniques, Summit Champions knows how to drive performance and results. Our focus is on creating great habits to maximize your relationships, resulting in an incredible referral based sales pipeline and lifetime customers. Hiring an outside speaker can stimulate ideas, offer new strategies and tools that will help streamline your life and increase your business. More importantly, inspiring personal development within the sales team will be the single most important step to advancing sales and business development.

The 90 Day Journey
Taking the Journey is designed to have a concentrated focus on creating leads, developing loyal clients and professional referral sources. The goal is to have unlimited leads and prospects through the extension of your sales forceā€¦..your loyal clients and professional referral sources.

Building a successful business means knowing what is and isn’t working in your business life. Creating personal and business goals lead to development of new strategies and habits that create leverage and lead to breakthrough results.

Coaching is more than one on one; coaching is the edge needed whether you are looking for proven sales training programs or keynote speakers to motivate and inspire your sales team. Our programs result in:

  • Increased sales productivity
  • Reduction in sales volatility
  • Growth of professional referral sources
  • Identifying and enhancing sales skills for higher results.

As you learn to create business AND personal goals you will build strategies and habits that influence your overall business with breakthrough results.

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