The 90 Day Journey for Sales Professionals®

The 90 Day Journey and companion workbook for the Sales Professional® is designed to take you on an adventure; a concentrated focus in creating leads, developing loyal clients and professional referral sources.

The goal is to have unlimited leads and prospects through the extension of your sales force…..your loyal clients and professional referral sources.

Tom Ninness has personally used this process for many years and has found it to be the key to igniting his business on fire when others seem to be burning out.

90 days means action steps that are part of your daily business life for 90 days. It takes 21 days to form a habit, so by the end of the journey your bad habits should be tossed out and new habits that will grow your business will be established.

 The 90 Day Journey...

  • Creates greater confidence in yourself and the future.
  • Helps you develop action plans based on your vision and goals.
  • Teaches you to recognize business opportunities and sharpen your strategic focus.
  • Kindles the energy to overcome obstacles within your business and realign limiting beliefs.
  • Leverages your time, talent and resources.
  • Offers accountability to stay on track and accomplish your goals.

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What do you get with the The 90 Day Journey?

  • The 90 Day Journey book (download sample pages here)
  • The 90 Day Journey companion workbook
  • Tools to help you reach your sales goals.

The Journey has a cost....Your time, your commitment to participate in the Action Plan items, and only $87. Investing less than 97 cents per day to change your attitude, your business habits and your production level.

The destination of this journey is to increase your business, have a powerful year and finish any quarter or year strong. Hang on tight…'re in for quite a 90 day ride!

If you are ready for the ride of your life, contact Tom Ninness at 303-840-0753 or by email at

Testimonials from past clients how the “90 Day Journey” has affected their business:


Thank you for taking me on this journey with you.  I had a great last quarter and am completely slammed going into the new year!  I have watched since Thanksgiving the number of people in my office that have NOT gone on your journey, NOT been in the office, Not made the commitment to work and they are NOT successful.  More than anything you reminded me of that difference.  Thanks again and have a Happy and Safe New Year.

                               – Mark Walling

In the middle of my loan origination career, at a very challenging time, the 90 Day Journey propelled me from mediocre results to massive success. In addition to keeping me motivated, it gave me a very well-polished presentation to go meet Realtors with. Prior to the journey I felt like I had nothing of substance to offer Referral partners. After learning the PROS system and some of the other key concepts I felt unstoppable! I was finally armed with a real plan and business model that more than doubled my Income in the first 12 months.

                               – David Yount

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